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Edward VI 1547-1553

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A wonderull portrait of Henry VIII son, the boy King. clear mm TUN 1551-3
Deeply toned, full and round, a superb specimen, as struck and very rare.


Edward VI, first period, Penny, Bristol  1547-1549


Edward VI, second period, Shilling,
4.72g., Tower II,
1549 m.m.grapple, bust 3, tall narrow bust right
with small crown, cut away at shoulder. Ex: Lockett

Edward VI 1552, third period, crown, fine issue
mm tun. 
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rev tin : POSVI :    DEVM : A    DIVTOR   E : MEVM

  King crowned and in armour on horsebackwalking right, the horse richly caparisoned with date below
Not tooled, great speciman with slight weakness in striking


Edward VI 1551, third period, Halfcrown, fine issue, mm y. King crowned and in
armour on horsebackwalking right, the horse richly caparisoned and with
plume on head, date below.
Ex: Trattle 1832, Durrant, Bergne, Brice, Montagu, Hazlitt, Lockett. 
date below 1551


Edward VI 1551-3 Facing bust, rose left,value XII, mm.tun


Edward VI 1551-3 Facing bust, rose to left,
value VI, mm.tun

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