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1664 Proof Crown - who designed the coin?

Titan Question ?

The style of the 1664 Proof is similar to the Petition Crown
Who designed the coin?  
Rottier with Simon? or Simon with Rottier?
There are two known pieces of the 1664 Proof Crown  
Was this the Proof specimen handled by the King?
This specific speciman has been cared for and  remained a flawless
gem for near 350 years and without doubt the finest of the two specimans

                                                                                                                                                                                                      1664 Proof Crown                                  1663 Petition Crown
Charles II, proof crown 1664, XVI, second laur. bust r.,
rev. crowned cruciform shields,
interlinked C’s in angles, proof fields & striking. 
The pedigree gives this proof crown a wonderfull view
of it's importance. 

ex Hodsoll, 18th Century
Tyssen, 1802 (lot 2296)
Durrant, 1847 (lot 796)
 Murchison (lot 403)
Montagu (lot 837)
Murdoch (lot 642)
Paget 1946
 Melzack 1972
 Cope 2004

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