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Charles II 1660 - 85

No county in England showed more rejoicing over the restoration of
Charles II. t
han Yorkshire made evident in the Yorkshire fashion of
feasting, drinking, and
general jollity. The Yorkshire folk as a whole
had cared little for the rule of Parliment 
, and when Fairfax, perhaps the most
influential Yorkshireman of his time, who in 1660 was living in peaceful
ment at Nun Appleton, amusing himself with his coins and books
came forward to arrange the return and the proclamation of Charles II. i
General Monk later First Duke of Albemarle
fellow countrymen were only to ready to follow his example and and
welcome the King.

On May in, 1660, a grand celebration of the Merry Monarch's return was
held at York, and shared in by those who had previously occupied opposite
camps in matters political. Fairfax sent a splendid horse from his stables
for Charles's use at his coronation and Yorkshire folk settled down with
the rest of England to a system more in accord with their taste than that
under  which they had lived for eleven restless years.
John Thoresby later who was from Leeds established for himself a museum
of coins and medals, purchasing at great expense two pre-existing
collections owned by the Fairfax family and another family called Stonehouse.

Charles !! 1660-85 Hammered
After the restoration hammered coins were made for a further
two years, excepting the SILVER CROWNS.

Charles II (1660–1685) Farthing
1665 GOLD Pattern
From dies by John Roettier. Laureate, cuirassed short-haired bust l.;
Rv. Britannia seated l.
(I claim the four seas)  

Seaby 1936 17-10-00 gbp
Charles II copper farthings were not produced until 1672–1675 and 1679,
weighed 5.2 - 6.4 grams, diam. 22–23mm
The obverse had a left-facing bust of the king, with the inscription
CAROLVS A CAROLO — Charles, son of Charles
while the reverse showed the left-facing seated Britannia, with the inscription
BRITANNIA and the date in the exergue beneath Britannia
(Britannia was modelled by the Duchess of Richmond) 


1668 Charles II Silver Crown
Second bust VICESIMO
1663 Charles II Silver Half-Crown
First bust
1671 Charles II Silver Shilling
Second Bust. Plume below the bust
and in the centre of the reverse
1676/5 Charles II Silver Sixpence
Crowned cruciform shields, 
interlinked C's in angles


Charles II Undated Pattern Half Penny


1673 Charles II Halfpenny
Copper - Britannia seated


1672 Charles II Farthing
Copper - Britannia seated


     1684 Charles II Farthing
Tin with a copper plug in the centre

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