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'Petition' Crown the Worlds Most Prestigious and Valuable Silver Coin

Oxford mint under Charles I. 1642-46 Bushell was requested to come from Shrewsbury were he was minting coins and arrived 3rd January 1642 and set up in New Inn Hall, the site now of St Peter’s College, which had been occupied by Puritan students who had fled leaving the premises empty on the arrival of the King. Not only did he bring many wagons of silver ore with him but he also arranged for regular weekly deliveries from his mines of about £100

Charles I Civil War Coinage(1625-1649)

All coins below are Hammered Coinage
 Oxford 1642-46 m.m. usually plume with a band. Small denominations lis or pellets.


“To uphold the Protestant Religion, the Laws of England and the Liberty of Parliament”

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RAWLINS work Triple Unite 1644 OX England largest gold coin. Charles
holding a sword amd an olive branch, a magnificent speciman Ex.Lokett


RAWLINS,  Charles I, Oxford 1644 Pound XX 119.97gm Declaration in cartouche.
Englands largest and heaviest coin. The work of  RAWLINS. Large horseman of
fine workmanship with arms below. Single large plume (with bands) above XX.
1644 OX  below. Brooker
Hall,Thompson-Yates, Murdoch,Shephard,Thomas,Dimsdale.


Charles I, Oxford 1643 Crown V Large equestion portrait with grass on ground
line,plume (with bands) behind. Group of four pellets on reverse. S.2947


Charles I, Oxford 1643 Halfcrown, King on horse with no ground line with
plume behind, mm plume. S.2954


Charles I, Oxford 1643 Shilling XII Declaration in three lines,
 three Oxford plumes, m.m. plume. S.2974


Charles I, Ox 1643 Sixpence, Aberysthwyth die, declaration,
 three Shrewsbury plumes, S.2981

Charles I, Oxford 1644 Groat 4d. Declaration in
 three lines, three Shrewsbury plumes OX below
date. m.m. floriated cross, Thomas Rawlins work


Charles I, Oxford 1644 Groat 3d. Aberyystwyth die. 
Declaration in three lines, three plumes over.
date. m.m. book

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