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The mask of the 17th century republican Cromwell, who had King Charles I beheaded. Cromwell

died in September 1658 from natural causes. It is one of the six original ones made after his death

ANA Museum Colorado USA 2007-2010

A book in 1927
               Edward VI 1546-53                     Elizabeth I 1558-1603                           Charles I 1625-49                                                                                                         
CHARLES II 1663 Silver Crown - Simon's trial coin of his "Petition" Crown to King Charles II 
written in two fine lines around the edge. Full details in the site. A coin of intrigue,
interest & engineering fete for over 300 years.

40mm diam.  35mm depth at edge.  45mm in the centre  

Thomas Simon one of the Worlds greatest engravers.
An entrepreneur born at the beginning of the 17th century. The coin dated 1663 above is
his 'masterpiece' engraved two years before his death. 
Simon at the age of 24 engraved a copy of the Great Seal of England in 1642
and was paid the incredible sum of £100-

Simon's lifetime’s achievement is 1663 the Petition Crown 


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