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Rare British Hammered, Milled coins,Tokens,Medallions & Roman imperial sestertius, incl. the "Petition crown"

Britain’s rarest coin and a World rarity
Britain in AD 134

Regarded as one of the world’s finest example of a Roman coin,
specifically commemorating Hadrian’s soldiers in the
province of
Roman Britain in AD122 making this Britains rarest and
interesting coin

Currently on Exhibition at the British Museum
case 14 of gallery 49 (Roman Britain)

Praised by experts for its intricate detail and magnificent condition,
this extremely rare, commemorative brass Sestertius celebrates the
visit of Emperor Hadrian to Britain in AD 122.
It was during this same visit that Hadrian gave his personal
instructions to build what is now know as Hadrian’s Wall.


The front of the coin shows a striking and familiar portrait of the
Emperor Hadrian (AD 117-38); the reverse shows Hadrian raised
high on a platform ready to give an oration to his troops.


The three soldiers bear two legionary standards and also a flag
indicating that they are standing at the head of a vast army
mustered to hear the Emperor's address. The intricate detail of
the coin’s craftsmanship – particularly in terms of each figure’s
dress and equipment makes this one of Britains finest and most
valuable coins.

Below the figures is written
EXERC(itus) BRITANNICVS (the army of Britain).


This unique quality example of the coin graphically depicts both
the power, majesty of the Roman Empire, and also the complete
dominance of Britain under Hadrian’s rule.

Currently on Exhibition at the British Museum
case 14 of gallery 49 (Roman Britain)



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