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Rare British Hammered, Milled coins,Tokens,Medallions & Roman imperial sestertius, incl. the "Petition crown"
Max Mehl 1912-1923

The inimitable Max Mehl in the period 1912-23

The Star Rare Coin Encyclopedia: Listing Coins of the World. Mehl wrote:
“It is said that only twenty copies were struck with the petition on the edge,
and a few others with a different edge.

1775 a specimen of this rare and beautiful crown piece sold for £12.
1802 a specimen changed hands for £105, and in 1824 the same piece brought £210.
 Trattle's sale in 1832, a fine specimen realized £225 (about $1,125.00).
December, 1921, B. Max Mehl,  owner of the Numismatic Company of Texas,
sold a good specimen for $900.00.

Over the years, the most famous collections have had this coin as a highlight,
Murdoch, Norweb, Lingford , Norweb