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Rare British Hammered, Milled coins,Tokens,Medallions & Roman imperial sestertius, incl. the "Petition crown"

Charles II  1660-85
Hammered Coinage

Charles II 1660-85 Hammered
After the restoration hammered coins were made for a further
two years, excepting the SILVER CROWNS.
At the end of 1662 the ancient method of hammering coins was finally stopped and replaced by machinery from Blondau.

A few coins were made at Pontefract in the name of Charles II in 1648/9 on the expectation that Charles I son would be crowned on the demise of his father.


     Charles I, siege money was made at a number of provincial mints, Pontefract being one of them
Were should this Civil War coin be? It is dated correctly 1648,
to be ready for the new King Charles II. Charles II had to wait
11 years to be crowned King after the Commonwealth.

CAROLVS : II : D : G : MAG : B . E : ET : H : REX

centre. HANC : DE VS : DEDIT 1648 in three lines,
with a large crown above (God has given it)

(After the death of the father for the son)

centre. Castle gateway with flag deviding P-C, OBS on left,
cannon protrudes on r

Unite. mm crown