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Tower Mint under Charles I.
This reign was one of the most interesting. Charles became
King in 1625 and in 1637 there was a branch mint at Aberystwyh
in Wales to make the coinage from Welsh silver mined locally.
After Charles left London and at the start of the Civil War until
his execution the Tower Mint in London carried on producing
coinage with his portrait and name on them.
See further pages showing Civil war Coinage.

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Charles I (1625-1649)
All coins below are Hammered Coinage

1625   Charles I, Unite, 9.33g group A. m.m. lis


1634-5  Charles I Crown, 29.97g.,Tower Mint, group 3, m.m.bell, King
crowned in armour holding sword upright, on horseback left, the horse undecorated, reads BR FR ET HIB, rev. oval garnished shield. A beautiful 
speciman, deeply toned with underlying lustre. 
Ex.Tyssen 1802, Bergne 1873, Neck/Webb 1894, Lingford 1950 S.2758


1625  Charles I, Halfcrown, 14.45g., Tower mint, group 1, type 1a1,m.m.lis


1625  Charles I, Shilling, 5.85., Tower mint, group A, type 1, mm lis,
First bust 1. King wearing ruff and coronation robes, withdouble arched
crown, both arches jewelled, XII behind, CAROLVS D G MAG FRA ET HIB REX,
rev. long cross fourchee over shield.
An exceptional piece with attractice portrait, crisply
 struck on a full round flan a first bust shilling  in this condition S2776

Correct photo size

1625  Charles I, Sixpence, large bust, m.m. lis,

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