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Queen Anne 1705 Crown

The rarest Anne Crown
& the only known speciman in GEM UNC condition


Every coin has a story and this one is no different, the coin lay in one place from 1705, a little dusty with minimum toning due to the wrapping. Delivered or collected from the Roayal mint, it then just laid in a tray. As a young man that happened to be fortunate person to acquire such a coin I did not know what I really had. To me it was a coin as struck an uncirculated Queen Anne crown. It was the first Queen Anne I had ever seen in this condition. 
I was excited to have such a piece, the value I thought in the region of 60-80gbp. After collecting the coin I sat on the train going up to London and occasionally opening the paper to check my new coin, it was placed in my top pocket and not believing I had such a gem.

Arriving in London I went first to my favourite dealer Reg Lubbock the father who sat at the top of Regent Street in a small shop on the street, as I walked in Reg was sitting at the back of the shop. He welcomed me like he did all others who visited him with a warm hanfshake. Reg was of the old school, what a gentlman. Geoffrey what are you looking for. I quietly said I had acquired a crown. He asked to look at it. He held it for a few seconds and asked me do I wish to sell. I said I had just got it. He said without hesitation 200gbp, I was so shocked I hesitated and in the seconds I hesitated Reg said 400gbp and then 800gbp. Well I never did sell and the coin still sits with others in my cabinet.

Here below you can see a small portion of the coin to see the
quality of the striking


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