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Hidden secret for all to see

Convex & Concave


The photo taken at an angle shows the bevel on the reverse

Simon was a man of creative illusions: he required extra depth
of field to show the King at his greatest.

It was not until recently that I could understand how it was possible 
to have a medallic portrait on the coin, and keep the size and the correct
silver weight. To keep the obverse and the reverse of a quality to this day not surpassed, Simon, the sculptor, created the magnificent reverse of the
coin in a convex plane, just enough to give the extra depth of field on the
obverse to bring a three dimension look to the King’s portrait.

Although I have not measured the extra depth on the reverse it is
easily seen when handling the coin; the edge dept is 3.5mm and
thickness as the center of the coin is 4.5mm

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