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Rare British Hammered, Milled coins,Tokens,Medallions & Roman imperial sestertius, incl. the "Petition crown"
Morgan demonstrated his talent in the hopes of securing the chief engravership

The Harry W. Bass, Jr. Collection 
Famous and Elegant 1879 "Schoolgirl" Dollar
Morgan's "Petition Dollar"

The “Petition Crown” did not escape links to American Numismatics.

Lot. 1289 1879 pattern dollar. P-1805, J-1609. Rarity-7.
Schoolgirl motif. Proof-64
RB (PCGS). Copper. Reeded edge. Perhaps this was
Morgan's "petition dollar"- a la
Thomas Simon's famous "petition crown" of Charles II
whereby Morgan demonstrated  his talent in the hopes of securing
the chief engravership.

It was at once a rarity and a prime example of numismatic art. 

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