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Charles 1st Strip of 7 Farthings

Charles 1st Strip of 7 Farthings
(dies 7,8,9,1,2,3,4).
 BMC 208. S3187A. 6.240g. As Struck and of the highest rarity

In August 1623, Lennox was created Duke of Richmond and Lennox
but he died six months later. The patent for farthings then passed
jointly to his widow Frances, Dowager Duchess of Richmond and
Sir Francis Crane, director of the Mortlake Tapestry Works.
In 1634, the patent passed jointly to Lord Maltravers (Henry Howard)
and Sir Francis Crane. These two persons were also responsible for
the changeover to the Rose farthings in March 1635/6.
The production of Rose farthings ended about December 1644.


One day I visited the late Colin Cooke maybe the world’s renowned British farthing Dealer and Collector, why I asked do u collect farthings? It was in those days as my memory recollects was my first question. I had a small number of farthings including a proof 1863 and the Victorian silver farthing 1941 in my collection, I had little interest to increase the farthing at this point. Colin had commented that usually collectors focus on specific areas and his was from the earliest farthings to modern day. Slowly he brought out a number of box’s including his strips of farthings, I remember Colin had a strip of 8 but this was broken and was 2 x 4. Colin told me the story of how he started and Dr. Johnson, there had to be a reason and slowly it came out. Anyhow this strip Colin bought in the Spink sale and is ex Selig collection, it was sold by Spinks £3630 in 1989. Colin had said that this was the largest single strip in private hands. What an amzing price 30 years ago. The condition of the strip is near EF as a strip. There is a saying coins are round and come round every generation, funny these are in a strip, so what do we say with a long strip - this site is not price oriented but here is a strip of coins that was a lot of money 30 years ago.

An interesting point at my meeting with Colin, although a dealer Colin's love for his farthings and specially his strips were part of his love for his farthing and you were able to feel the pride Colin had in his farthing collection.

4 requests from the other side of the pond to ask the price shows the interest in special British items. What is the price? It appears that prices for rare pieces compared to the US are not expensive. If we take the the avove rare strip and calculate a price it would be in the region of £35'000. Peter wrote "WOW that is cheap to an American rare coin"   

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