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                                             Solomon, seal of

A amulet to protect u from the unknown

Sfragis Solomonos
, i.e., seal of Solomon, a common formula in this kind of amulets that mix gnostic, Jewish and other motifs, as are those above and on the right of Abrasax (IAW ALWN, Iaw being one of the sacred names of Abrasax, of course derived from the Jewish Name of God; and SE, EIS PASAN PSYCHEN, "you, (and) for every soul", scil., this magic words will protect you and every soul). But the magic formula on the left of Abrasax — a gibberish of letters that does not make sense, at least for us —  is more complete in your sample than in the one published by Manganaro. The formulas on the other side seem to be identical in both amulets. They are also gibberish but I recognize two "words" on the left side, SALAMAXA BAMEAZA, which appear in similar form (SALAMXA BAMEAZZA) on another amulet.  While I think I can guess at a possible reason (the enthroned Solomon might recall an enthroned Byzantine emperor), in my opinion the shape of the letters in the amulet points to a much earlier date, as does the figure of Abrasax, In my mind, 3rd-4th c. is much more likely

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